‘Hotel de Achterhoek’ is a unique hotel concept, to be found in the small, yet lively village Laren, in the ‘Achterhoek’. The name of our hotel is derived from our region: the ‘Achterhoek’ lies in Gelderland and is famous for its beautiful landscapes, country estates with gorgeous castles and for its stubborn but friendly inhabitants, the ‘Achterhoekers’. The region is unique, and so is this hotel. We distinguish ourselves from other hotels with our booking concept. You can book your room online, after which you will receive a booking code. This code gains access to our hotel and to your room and serves as a WIFI-code at the same time. Our guests can check into our hotel 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Our online booking concept makes ‘Hotel de Achterhoek’ an ideal place to easily turn to when you need a room for just one night. But also for the weekend, the long weekend or the week, our hotel is perfect for having a good time in the ‘Achterhoek’.

Free WiFi

Of course, you can use Wi-Fi for free


Achterhoek hospitality with this unique service!

HomeCare possible

In association with Care group Sint Maarten it is possible to receive home care in our hotel.


All of our rooms have their own shower and toilet.

Inspiring, surprising, comfy and a teeny bit heady

These are the keywords for the three room types that our hotel offers.

‘Achterhoek’ Box Bed

In this room we go back in time, to the 19th century. However, only to its nostalgia, the comfort and contemporary atmosphere of the present days, we’re taking with us!

You spend the night in a real box bed; spacious, but still cosy. Lying between pictures of sceneries from the ‘Achterhoek’, you get the feeling you are in the middle of the landscape. You can book an ‘Achterhoek’ Box Bed room for € 52,50 per room, per night (+ a small amount of tourist tax).

For a tasteful breakfast you can visit one of the three restaurants, very nearby or go to our ‘world class’ baker, just across the street.

All of the ‘Achterhoek’ Box Bed rooms have:

  • Free WIFI
  • Flat screen television
  • Bathroom with toilet
  • Lockers
  • (work)table

Price Per Night: € 52.5 /per night

Achterhoekse Suite

Het toppunt van comfort in Hotel De Achterhoek ervaart u in de ‘Achterhoekse Suite’. De Suite heeft luxere faciliteiten dan de andere kamers en een warme, romantische sfeer. Wij beschikken over twee suites, die bijvoorbeeld perfect zijn als bruidssuite of als u iets anders te vieren hebt. Deze suites zijn al te boeken vanaf € 82,50 per kamer (excl. toeristenbelasting).

Voor het ontbijt kunt u terecht bij een van de drie horecazaken die het dorp rijk is, of bij de lokale wereldbakker.

De Achterhoekse Suite is tevens te boeken als Bruidssuite.

Al onze kamer beschikken over:

  • Gratis WiFi
  • Flatscreen televisie
  • Douche met toilet
  • Kluisje
  • Werktafel

Price Per Night: € 82.5 /per night

Achterhoekse Klasse

Net iets meer comfort en ruimte nodig? Dan is de ‘ Achterhoekse Klasse’ kamer iets voor u. Dit zijn kamers met een landelijke, warme, Achterhoekse uitstraling.

Onze ‘Achterhoekse Klasse’ kamers zijn allemaal gesitueerd in de ring van het hotel en hebben, in tegenstelling tot de Bedstee kamers, alle tien een raam met uitzicht op het dorp. Deze kamers zijn al te boeken vanaf € 62,50 per kamer (excl. toeristenbelasting). Deze kamers beschikken over twee enkele bedden.

Voor het ontbijt kunt u terecht bij een van de drie horecazaken in het dorp of de lokale wereldbakker.

Al onze kamer beschikken over:

  • Gratis WiFi
  • Flatscreen televisie
  • Douche met toilet
  • Kluisje
  • Werktafel

Price Per Night: € 62.5 /per night

Food & Drinks

‘Hotel de Achterhoek’ is ‘unmanned’, there is no staff present in the hotel. In our lounge, however, we have a coffee and soda machine from which you can attain drinks. We also have wine and other alcoholic drinks attainable for our guests. The wine is ‘Achterhoeks,’ from our local vineyard ‘De Broake’. Do you wish to have breakfast, lunch, diner or drinks? For this we refer you to the local cafés, restaurants, the bakery or cafeteria, all near to our hotel. In the restaurants ‘’t Langenbaergh’, ‘Witkamp’ and ‘Stegeman’, you can enjoy an excellent breakfast, lunch or diner. Or just drinks and some bites at the bar. Or just drinks and some bites at the bar. For more information about the three restaurant / cafés, have a look at their websites, see below.

Do you prefer a sandwich from our local ‘world class’ baker Wijnand? Ask them for the possibilities they have for you as a guest of our hotel.At Aris Friterie, the local cafeteria, you can enjoy fries from ‘the Achteroek’ made of potatoes from the local potato farmer.

Hospitality with our own pick-up service.

Business guests
If desired, we can take you and / or your customers to and from the station, your company, an event or a desired location. We will be happy to arrange for you!

Hikers / Cyclists
We also offer hikers and cyclists the opportunity to pick you up at a specific location. For example, do you want to walk the famous Dutch ‘Pieterpad’? Or cycling a certain route near our hotel? We will gladly take you from your endpoint and return you the next day to the starting point. Sporty, yet comfortable!

This way you will get more from your visit to Laren and our hotel.

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